My last post was from November 25th?  Jaysus.  I’ve really got to improve my once-every-six-weeks average.

Well the job never really got less chaotic, because of the clash of the titans (the master butcher and the other managers).  This could not end well, and it didn’t, because they removed our–flawed, frustrating, but talented and quite kind–mentor right in front of us (D, the other butcher, and me) on December the 10th.  He was like, “Can’t I say goodbye to them?” and the other guy was like, “No, T, you have to leave right now” and D and I tried to follow them and the other guy was like, “Stop” and we were like, um, and then we went anyway, and it was all a bit hideous.  Especially as T’s father had just had a stroke the day before.  But hey.  Nature is cruel.  So is Retail.

So that left D and me alone.  The burnt-out, hung-over, homocidal, nipple-pierced South African and me, and what can I say about myself, really.

To give you some idea, out of this 23-day period I will have had one day off.

Christmas was terrifying because of everyone’s special Christmas orders, including Claudia Schiffer’s, which you do not want to f*%k up.  Indeed, Claudia likes beef and pork–she seems to be one of the only A-listers loitering about the shop who eats heartily.

Other celebirdies I have seen/talked to/held the door open for while at work:  Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Cole, Elle MacPherson, Claire Danes, Reese Witherspoon, Joseph Fiennes, Boy George (!)

Near misses (i.e. I was probably mopping blood in the meat locker while my co-workers ogled them): Keanu Reeves, Bono, Stella McCartney

Now that I’m thinking on it, I have to say that the American stars were  all quite friendly and polite.  The European stars have been either a bit strange or a bit bitchy.  For example, Elle MacPherson asked my friend for parmesan reggiano.  Friend said sure, we have lovely 24-month old parmesan reggiano.  Rather than grated, Elle wanted it shaved into those fragile, broad curlicues you get on top of salads at fancy restaurants.   Friend said, I am sorry, I don’t have that equipment.  Elle got a bit heated and said, “I am a BUSY MOTHER I do not have TIME to shave my own parmesan!”


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  1. Lisa

    I love reading all the updates! Is it really as exciting as it sounds?

    Keep posting! I love reading them.

    Love to you both! Greetings from N YC……


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